Passing Drug Tests

How to Pass a Drug Test

In many parts of the world today, drug testing has become a standard. This is done for several reasons. Major drugs tested for is marijuana or THC. It is important for sports administrators across the world to test the THC levels for sportsmen and women. Although in some states of America and other parts of the world, social or recreational marijuana is allowed. In other areas, it is mandatory that citizens pass the test before they are offered certain categories of employment. It is common for employers to deny employment for applicants because they fail a drug test. Therefore the major concern of most people is how they can pass the drug test.

Types of drug test and how to pass such tests

Before you can talk about how you can pass a drug test, you must, first of all, know the kinds of tests you want to pass and know how you can pass such a test. The test usually involves testing for THC or marijuana, and there are different ways of carrying out such a test. Our interest is to ensure that you pass such a test irrespective of how it is conducted.

Urine test

The most popular drug test conducted today is the urine test. This method is popular because it does not cost much like other forms of tests. Moreover, it is easier to collect samples for the test. Many experts prefer it because drug such as THC can remain in the urine for a longer time. Because of that, it becomes the most popular targets for drug testers. It is not surprising that more than seventy percent of the drug test conducted today is the urine test. During the test, it is possible that THC-COOH which is the major component can always be detected. There are different ways of obtaining the method for the test. The most important thing is to ensure that you pass the urine test when it is conducted.

Hair follicle test

Another way of conducting a drug test is through the hair follicle. This method is not always popular, and this can be attributed to the cost. It is more expensive. However, if you want to get a reliable and effective result, you can always resort to this kind of test. This method is often used for sensitive jobs. Different hair is cut from different parts of the body such as the pubic area, scalp, legs as well as arms.

Blood test

Sometimes, testers can look for the evidence of drugs in the bloodstream. The best way to do that is to carry out blood tests. This method is not relied upon for job screening.

Saliva tests and how to pass the test

It is already stated that the saliva test is the easiest to conduct because it is easy to get the samples to be used for the test. Moreover, the results will be out within the shortest possible time. Employers looking for the fast result will always resort to this kind of method. However, there are instances where the test result can be inaccurate. If you are subjected to this kind of test, there are several ways of passing the test.